Very few people know that Xfinity has a Smart-Home/Security product. So it desperately needed to grow its awareness, as well as positive sentiment. But it only had budget for a social media campaign—a big challenge when competitors like Google and Nest are spending much more on media, and have far less of a perception issue than a traditional cable company. 


The client was keen on using a product demo to show customers how the Xfinity Home system worked. The only problem? People don’t watch product demos. Especially in social. So we disguised our demo as a horror film for their October media buy, and put the product at its core. 

Collaborating with Dante Ariola, we wrote, produced, and launched “The Neighborhood” over a 5 week period, and all on a shoestring budget. Throughout the film, the home system plays the role of linking the story together, and showing off the system's benefits while not feeling forced. 
And mimicking horror film marketing, we launched a trailer on Friday the 13th, with the full film releasing just before Halloween, capitalizing on peak Halloween chatter. Both videos lived on the Xfinity Facebook page, and were followed by acquisition messaging.


The brief campaign garnered 4.97M views, and over 39K post engagements, with average view times 2X higher than Xfinity benchmarks. Quite good for a social video, but unheard of for a product demo. 
Our acquisition creative, which featured stills from the film, drove a 39 percent higher CTR and a 28 percent lower CPC than Xfinity benchmarks.
There was also a sizable lift in social sentiment for Xfinity: comments were extremely positive, with people praising Xfinity, calling for more content, and for “The Neighborhood” to be made into a feature length film.